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« Soyez vigilant » program benefits with Groupe Vigilance

To enjoy these benefits, please immediately contact an Intergroupe member firm in your area for your home insurance. Ask to be referred to Groupe Vigilance for a free evaluation of your needs in term of home security and home automation.
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Legal expense insurance with DASlive&drive

What would you do if you were sued for hidden defect following the sale of your home? What would you do if tomorrow you were dismissed unfairly?
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Legal expense insurance for companies with DAS Business

Every company has only one desire: to focus on customer satisfaction. However, the reality is often different.
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Auto and home insurance policies from Intergroupe Assurance and Ombrelle Assistance

Intergroupe offers you, through its network of affiliated firms, competitive insurance products that include the best protections on the market.
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Get insurance for your second home and your vehicles in Florida with Intergroupe USA

You own a second home in Florida? You may also have one or more vehicles registered in Florida and maybe a boat? We have insurance solutions for you!
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